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The Mattgur team warmly welcomes you to its digital platform. We want to assure you that, recognizing the rights of both merchants and consumers within the Mattgur framework, we are dedicated to safeguarding your information in accordance with our privacy mechanism policy and confidentiality standards. In compliance with the usage agreement between you, as merchants, and Mattgur, we would like to bring to your attention the Privacy Policy and confidentiality measures applicable on our platform.

As outlined in the fourth clause of Article fifteen of the usage agreement, Mattgur has formulated the "Privacy Policy and Confidentiality of Information" to clearly define the privacy mechanisms governing the online store platform. It is crucial to be aware that, by accessing Mattgur and establishing an online store, all your information is subject to the provisions outlined in this policy.

Information that a store platform obtains and keeps in its electronic systems:

  1. Consumer personal information, such as name, e-mail, national identification number or residence number.
  2. Personal information about the merchant, such as name, age, e-mail, national identification number or residence number.
  3. Information about the store and its legal entity, such as the commercial registration number and a copy of the commercial registry.
  4. Personal login information for the online store, such as the username, password, email, and the password recovery question and answer.
  5. IP address
  6. Information collected from cookies or other tracking technologies
  7. In the event that the merchant does not provide the required information, Mattgur may try to obtain it through other sources.
  8. Bank account and routing numbers
  9. Financial information
  10. Age and date of birth
  11. Military Status
  12. Interactions with our services or websites
  13. Shopping History
  14. IP-based geolocation
  15. Call recordings when speaking to customer service
  16. Image IDs
  17. Business information, emails and phone numbers
  18. Tax IDs
  19. Scams and risk assessment
  20. Majjar platform is always aware of the revenue generated in the store, because the merchant uses the payment gateways provided by Mattgur.
  21. Store platform Informed about the type of goods or services offered in Mattgur.
  22. The Mattgur platform is attentive to the performance of stores. If there arises a necessity to provide support, advice, or guidance to merchants or stores to enhance their performance, we are ready to offer assistance.
  23. Personalization preferences

How and why we share personal data

We do not sell your personal data. However, we may share personal data across our services and with other members of Shop Partners. On occasion, we share the personal data we collect with third parties to assist in providing services, safeguarding our customers from risks and fraud, marketing our products, and fulfilling legal obligations. We may share personal data with:

  1. We share personal data with service providers who assist us in various areas, including issuing Visa cards, payment processing, marketing, research, compliance, auditing, corporate governance, communications, and security.
  2. Card networks and payment processors.
  3. Financial institutions, such as banks, that we work with to offer joint products.
  4. People participating in a transaction, such as other users or merchants and service providers.
  5. We utilize third-party tools to combat spam and abuse. For instance, we employ ReCaptcha to assess whether users are human or automated entities. When utilizing ReCaptcha, your personal data is subject to the Google Privacy Policy.
  6. We may share personal data with other third parties to comply with laws, investigate or enforce violations of our User Agreement, facilitate a merger, purchase, or sale of part or all of our business, comply with card association rules, or prevent physical harm or illegal activity.
  7. You are required to keep your registration data accurate, correct, current, complete, and legal by maintaining and regularly updating it. Mattgur reserves the right to suspend, freeze, or cancel your membership, store, and account on the platform without violating the rights of other Mattgur users. Mattgur retains legitimate means to recover its rights and protect the interests of all users.

Our use of your personal information

  1. We utilize your personal information to offer and enhance our store services to you. Additionally, your personal information may be used to prevent illegal activities and enforce our User Agreement. For instance, we might share certain personal information provided by you with banks to comply with anti-money laundering obligations, with credit card authorization, processing, and verification services, or for fraud screening purposes. In such cases, we may need to request proof of identity from you, such as a copy of your passport or national identity card.
  2. These entities are prohibited from using your personal information for any additional purposes other than the original intent for which your personal information was provided to us, unless mandated by law.
  3. While we strive to protect your privacy, there are situations where we may need to disclose your personal information. This could include sharing information with law enforcement agencies, third parties assisting in fraud investigations, entities conducting risk assessments for user or shop safety, government agencies, or other third parties in response to a court order or similar legal process. We may also disclose your information when required to comply with the law, cooperate with an ongoing law enforcement investigation, or when we have a good faith belief that such action is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, report suspected illegal activity, or investigate a potential violation of our User Agreement.
  4. If the Store, its affiliates, or any of its assets are sold, your personal information may be disclosed to a potential purchaser. This disclosure would be for the purpose of maintaining the provision of the Store service to you or for other reasons related to the sale of the Store, its affiliates, or any assets of the shop business.
  5. We may share your personal information with unaffiliated third parties for purposes such as fraud prevention, risk management, customer service, shipping-related services for store purchases, legal compliance, and to enable contracted service providers to support business operations, including fraud prevention, billing, marketing, customer service, and technical support. Our contracts stipulate that service providers only use your information for services provided to us and not for their own benefit. Additionally, your personal information may be shared with other third parties when you provide consent or direction.

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